Welcome to the Carriacou Children's Education Fund

The Carriacou Children’s Education Fund is a nonprofit organization driven by an informal, voluntary group of individuals on visiting yachts from around the world, and a number of concerned local businessmen and women who benefit from the presence of the visiting yachts. Since 2000, CCEF has conducted fund raising activities during the last week of July and/or the first week of August.


During this time, CCEF has raised over EC$250,000 (Dec. 2015) to provide lunches, school uniforms and scholarships for students at T.A. Marryshow Community College; the mission is to help as many children as possible and to fill the gap between what is required for a child to receive a proper education and what the families are able to provide



Program 2018:    19 years C.C.E.F

- Wednesday, 01 August at 17.00 pm Annual Pre-Regatta Cruisers Potluck Barbecue and    Raffle at Tanty Lizzy located at Tyrell Bay

- Thursday 02August at 13.00 pm Fleamarket and sale at 1300 pm, Annual Auction at 16.00 pm at the L'Esterre Rosary School


Since its inception, CCEF has provided assistance towards this goal in hundreds of cases. Success is due primarily to the hard work and generosity of the visiting yachts and the local population who support CCEF, and it is the yachts’ way of saying “thank you” to the people of Carriacou for the warm welcome always received.